Achnacarry: Commando Basic Training Centre - 70 Years On. The DVD

When the Lochaber Archaeological Society combed the grounds of a great Highland estate a few miles north of Fort William, they uncovered remarkable artefacts dating back to when it was a secret training base for the elite Commandos.

This DVD shows some of their discoveries set in an historical context with some evocative wartime black and white footage of the troops training at Achnacarry and interviews with veterans who share their memories.

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Running time approx 45 minutes.
Format PAL.
(c) Lochaber Archaeological Society and Mallard Productions 2015.
Not for public broadcast.
E: Exempt from classification.

Uncovering the Commando: Achnacarry

Achnacarry Castle, the ancestral home of the chiefs of Clan Cameron, was crucial to the allied campaign against the Axis powers during WW2.

The castle, about 15 miles north east of Fort William, was used to train elite commandos from Britain and the US as well as France, the Netherlands, Norway, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Belgium from 1942 to 1945.

Earlier excavations have uncovered live ammunition, including bullets from captured German weapons.

The grounds of Achnacarry House were the focus of a research project involving Lochaber Archaeology Society.


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